It's all in the details

(Updated with a third example.)

One thing i like about Apple is it's attention to detail. I know it's a cliché, but sometimes those little things can be so delightful. Here are two examples i encountered this week thanks to @gruber and @inferis.

In the introduction video of the new retina iMac there is a scene where an "exploded" iMac is shown. Impressive CGI indeed, but that's not the point.

 image by Matthew Palmer

image by Matthew Palmer

As Matthew Palmer notes:

But look behind the exploded iMac. Behind the new 'TCON' there's a girl holding her father's hand. Not brought to the centre of the frame, not inflated to be the story of the video, just a consequence of this device being in their home. That's incredible storytelling.

The other example is Apple's implementation of the 'open book' emoji. Turns out, if you magnify it enough, you can read the text of the "Here's to the Crazy Ones" ad.

 via @stroughtonsmith, image by @bradchoate

via @stroughtonsmith, image by @bradchoate

Things like that just make my day.


UPDATE 2014-10-19 19:40

A third example just popped up on twitter. During thursday's keynote there was a demo of a video montage software. During the demo, iOS autocorrected "Utah road trip" to "It's road trip", generating lot's of laughs and snarky tweets. Apparently, in the video of the keynote that Apple posted afterwards, the segment is slightly altered.

Attention to details, in every case.