Hello (Podcast) World

I've been toying with the idea of having my own blog for some time now. Until now I had a few ideas for a first post, but nothing jumped out. That changed yesterday when I had a conversation with a few colleagues.

We started talking about Marco's most recent app, Overcast, and sharing our favorite podcasts. I learned about some new podcasts I hadn't heard about and certainly will try out. It gave me the idea of sharing my favorite podcasts as a first post on this blog. Of course i'm not the first with that idea, but I always enjoy these kinds of posts.

The Regulars

These are podcasts I listen to every week/episode (almost) as soon as they come out.

Occcasional Listens

I don't listen to every episode of these shows, only when they have interesting (to me) guests or subjects.

Retired or On Hiatus

If you enjoy these shows or have other recommendations, please let me know on twitter!